Composer Who Am I - Mozart

Would you like your students to learn more about famous composers?  The "Who Am I" worksheet series is designed to do just that in a fun and creative way.  Page 1 is a series of questions designed to give clues as well as cause the student to think about who the composer might be.  Once the student has guessed, reveal page 2 with the answer.  Students can then read more about the composer on page 2 (a brief history of the composer).

As an additional challenge, have the student identify 2 additional facts about the era in which the composer lived.

If desired, page 2 can be presented first to teach the student about the composer, and then at a later date you can have the student guess with page 1.

Use this worksheet as a teaching tool (page 2), a take home activity (page 1), or a lesson activity (pages 1 and 2).  Designed for the intermediate student.